This is a bit of a magic toy that lets an adult tell a story of a captured fairy.

The story for this project goes something like this:


Now this…  Look closely, I was hiking one afternoon in the deep woods over at Big Basin, and I found, to my fantastic surprise… a fairy.  Sitting right there on a branch dozing away, sleeping in broad daylight, out in the open, as if it were the most normal thing in the world to do!


So I woke up the thing, and she told me she was quite embarrassed - she had been told she could not become a tooth fairy because she was too lazy and sleepy.  She couldn’t help it, she just keeps falling asleep.  I told her I was very sorry for her, but that laying out there on a branch was no good.  She might be eaten!  But just as I said this, she fell asleep, right there in front of me and almost slipped off her branch.


Well, I couldn’t leave a fairy to be eaten!  So I picked her up, and placed her in this jar.


She and I are good friends now, when she wakes, we chat a bit, and she was very excited to come meet all of you.  So, lets see if we can wake her.


(Warm with your thumb or blow on the piezo, and the fairy flickers to life in your film cannister... then falls asleep quickly.  Stroke the "toes" and the fairy falls instantly back to sleep.