an arduino sound and light machine. entrain your brain waves to a desired state with blinking lights and pulsing sounds.

this is my third crack at this board. my first attempt i failed to connect one pin on a rotary switch. my second attempt i connected the wrong arduino pins to the audio output. actually, that was an error that survived my first rev. by the time i approached the problem for the third time, i skipped the breadboard and schematic views and just laid the thing out in the pcb editor.

this is based on the brain machine project from make magazine, volume 10. the make project was based on a persistence of vision toy using a 20 pin microcontroller with 2k bytes of program memory and 256 bytes of sram running at 8MHz. my board is designed to mount on an arduino as a shield. the most recent arduino versions have 32k of program memory, 2k of sram and run at 16MHz. instead of red leds, this project supports up to four colors. (i've only written code for red, green and blue). instead of simple square wave audio, i've written code to synthesize more pleasant sine wavish tones. there is space on the shield for a rotary hex switch to allow a user to select from multiple entrainment sequences.

all that's required is a working arduino sketchm but in the midst of adding features i managed to break my code. i can still compile and load it, but i can't use the arduino environment to do it. sorry. vaporware.

further important disclaimer: i had to hand route this thing.

this is my second run at this. i failed to route one wire on some boards i had manufactured. this version corrects that problem, adds some useful stuff to the silkscreen and a prototyping area. soon as i build up a couple of my bad boards i'll get to work on some code.