A Close Encounters themed slot machine.

Directions for creating this project are found on https://www.5volts.org .  This is a Close Encounters themed slot machine, with aliens and space ships.  There are 25 symbols on each of three reels.  There is a mode by which automatic play is possible, executing about 500 spins per second, and tracking metrics like credit balance, play count, number of wins by win type (two or three space ships, three symbols match, two symbols match, alien appears), amount wagered, amount won, etc.  It's also possible to change the amount of your wager.  You can also reset all of the metrics and start from the beginning with a 500 credit balance.  I hope to add a feature whereby the house hold (the percentage of each credit wagered that the house keeps) is user configurable.  To accomplish all this the major components I use include a four piece 8x8 matrix, a 8 piece seven segment display, and a 20x4 LCD screen, and two ATMega386P-PU microcontrollers.  The microcontrollers were programmed using Arduino IDE.  An RGB LED and two piezo buzzers were used to provide visual and audio feedback (i.e. to celebrate a win)  All components are easily sourced from China.  I used two FTDI USB to Serial TTL board to program the ATMega 386P-PUs in place.  More details will be posted on hackster.io.  Source code is also available on GitHub here