An attempt to make a compact, self-contained radio controlled smart switch node which can be integrated behind existing light switches.

!!! Update: from v0.7 to 1.0 a number of hole

sizes were changed, especially the PSU didn't

fit as the holes were too small!!!


This PCB is intended as a generic Arduino-like and nRF24L01 smart home node. One 220V / 7A switching relay is integrated on the PCB, and a few screw terminals can connect external switches (for e.g. manual override) or additional sensors. Notably a miniature 220V power supply is also included.


The main purpose is that this node should be compact enough to integrate in existing wall sockets or switches, i.e. behind the socket/switch in standard hollow wall boxes.


A programming header is included, and it should be possible to program the ATmega328p MCU on-board using the integrated header, a USB/TTL converter and the Arduino IDE.


The indended programming is done with the MySensors Library on the Arduino IDE, which should be fairly trivial. (I have currently working similar hardware but as Arduino Mini Pro and with 3 relays for roller shutters).