Read out the 125K RFID card ID and display in the screen

We introduced using the RDM630 reader module with Arduino to display the card ID before.Now we still use the Arduino to read back the card ID and display on the LCD screen, but in this time we use the Sniffer Nano to replace the RDM630.

Is also a very simple connection method for Arduino: With module :TX to TXD ; RX to RXD; VCC to VCC; GND to GND ; pin 2 to INT With LCD: RS => pin 12 RW => pin 11 EN => pin 10 D4, D5, D6, D7 => pins 7, 6, 5, 4

Now the different from the DRM630 is that the Sniffer Nano will use a interrupt to remind the host , telling the host that it received a card ID and will sent it out . If ignore this signal , the operation with Sniffer Nano is exactly the same as DRM630.

Put the card above the coil , Sniffer Nano will read out the ID and send it to Arduino via the serial port. Arduino receive the data and print the Card ID on the LCD screen.