This is a project to monitor a solar installation and a Battery Bank (Lithium Battery Packs). It traces current individually for each Battery Pack and communicates with solar charger.  It is an experiment to check the behaviour and lifetime of Li-ion battery packs (BMS included) connected in parallel in a solar installation. Lithium Chemistry used is not LiFePo4 3.65V/Cell , recommended for solar installations, but regular Li-ion batteries 4.2V/Cell, with more capacity and also risks. As can be seen in photos Battery Packs are inside safety bags bellow Battery Analyzer and everything is in the roof.

Hardware used: see hardware pics

  • ESP8266 with OLED display board (Nodemcu, D-Duino?)
  • DHT11 Inside temperature and Humidity sensor
  • DS18B20 external Temperature Sensor
  • ADS1115 16 bit 4 channel Analog Input Boards (2x) (To read current and voltage sensors)
  • ACS712 5V 20A Hall Effect current meters (5x) (*1)
  • Voltage Sensor <25V Voltage Divider 5V
  • DC-DC Voltage Converter Step-down Module 4-24V->5V (To supply ESP8266 board)
  • Solid State Relay Module (optional, to control an AC Load via Web) (*2)
  • TTL-to-RS485 Converter Module 3.3V-5V (To communicate with Solar Charger)
  • Epever Tracer 2206AN (Solar Charger MPPT 20A)
  • Lithium Battery Packs LiitoKala 24V 12ah 6S6P (5x) (Lithium Battery Bank, total capacity 1250 wh)

More information on Github: