A solar powered mobile using a 1382 miller solar engine of four SMD chips and a geared DC motor.

A solar powered mobile (artwork a la Calder). A balanced beam with a 0.1F tantalum capacitor on one end, a solar cell on the other end, and a geared DC motor in a Fritzing PCB at the balance point, from which it is suspended by fishing line. The circuit is a 1382 miller solar engine using a MOS switch: it triggers the motor when the voltage reaches a threshold. Parts are SMD.

This may be the smallest PCB every made by the Fritzing Fab? In the picture, the PCB is on top of a penny; its only 1 cm wide. I was amazed with the Fab; I don't know how they fabricate with such precision. I did learn that vias of 0.1mm fill up with copper plating: you can't put a wire through them. The board worked the first time, but could be improved.

The project is a mess but I will be glad to improve it and specify parts. Most are available from Digikey or Jameco, but the motor may be hard to find, available from Firgelli for $17.

You are welcome to build for personal use, but I have applied for a patent. Any feedback is welcome. Google "solabile" to see video.