In this case, we are going to get the LED to signal the letters S.O.S., which is theinternational morse code distress signal. Morse Code is a type of characterencoding that transmits letters andnumbers using patterns of On and Off.   It is therefore nicely suited to our digitalsystem as we can turn an LED on andoff in the necessary pattern to spell outa word or a series of characters.   In this case we will be signaling S.O.S. whichin the Morse Code alphabet is three dits(short flash), followed by three dahs(long flash), followed by three dits again.   Beside that, we'll add sound with the lights to get S.O.S in lights and voice.

Components REQD:


1) Arduino UNO

2) Jumper Wires

3) LED [x3]

4) 220 Ohm Resistors [x3]

5) Buzzer 5V [x1]

6) Pushbutton