A Portable, Chargable Stereo Amplified Speaker 

This project is based around the Mini-D from jaycar, In the fritzing file I have layed out all the wires with how i set it up.

the white dots and squares in the lables are the sections you need to cut out. 


Please refer to the video link here.



Here are the components i used with the Jaycar code

//case buttons lights
27mm knob HK7740
Bezel 5mm led red SL2610
Bezel 5mm led green SL2612
Mini Rocker Switch SK0984
Jiffy Box 197x133x63 HB6012


//main Speaker components
10W 8-Ohm Full Range Speaker x2 AS3032
Mini-D 2 x 10W Class-D Amplifier Kit KC5530
8 AA Battery Holder PH9209


//sound input
3.5 stereo chassis socket PS0132
RCA Chassis Socket - red PS0259
RCA Chassis Socket - White PS0261


//Mounting and support
PC Boards HP9542
Rubber feat HP0816
25mmx3mm steel screws HP0414
3mm steel nut HP0425
Washers HP0433
Nylon Spacers HP0815


Here is the schematic for the charging circuit