Audio device which responds to the distance with the user. 

Audio device (it is the Macbook in this prototype) responds to the distance with the user. When the user steps closer to the device, the playback begins and get louder.



- Arduino Uno
- Breadboard, some jumper wires with clips
- Pads

4 pads were set up for pressing, and they trigger playback and different sound volume from sound file in the computer.

Each pad is made of:
2 card board;
2 pieces of aluminum foil;
1 piece of spacer (any textile which keep space between the card boards and yet enable them to touch eachother when receiving pressure from each side. You can cut some holes for better touching). 


The code was written in Javascript, which opperates through Node.js, includes implementation of the following nmp:
-  johnny-five
-  osx-volume-controls
-  play-sound