Learning breadboard for SPICE Engineering Camp.

This project uses basic components and an Arduino Nano to teach all of the concepts needed for camp participants to build the electronics for a homemade pinball machine. Check out the SPICE Engineering Camp website for tutorials, Arduino libraries, a custom sketchbook, and additional references including information on good sources for parts.


A 5V regulated power supply (not shown on the breadboard) is required for this project  - these can be built from LM type regulators, or breadboard-compatible models can be purchased prebuilt. Additionally, a multinumber display is not shown but is used in the tutorials.


Concepts covered:


- Current and Voltage

- How to use LEDs

- How to use transistors to drive LEDs

- How to use Arduino to drive LEDs through transistors

- How to control RGB LEDs

- How to drive LEDs through shift registers

- How to use digital buttons as Arduino inputs

- How to use analog signals (via a piezoelectric sensor - represented here by a buzzer) as Arduino inputs

- How to drive a speaker through a simple amplifier circuit


Enjoy, and if you use this breadboard and have feedback please get in touch!