connecting a lcd with stepper and buttons with a Arduino Uno R3 and atmega 328

Trying to connect the stepper with a lcd and some pins. The pin's isn't configured yet but the lcd and also the stepper.

I whould like to know why the stepper doesn't work and how to fix it?

The LCD is working great exept get some carracters at the end when I enter any numbers.

Later on the arduino and also the motor shield will be replaced with only ic's and some other parts. So that I don't have to have a big pcb for the Uno and Shield

UPDATE -----

The two extra files if so far that I can add them together and change the pin's so that there isn't a conflict of any kind.

I am also still busy getting the .fzz file ready for a new upload.

UPDATE --- 17-10-2013

Changed the pic of what I am going to use to.

The top pic is wrong and the bottom pic is right for if I am going to use an arduino. Else the atmeg one will be the one I will use