a sumo bot powered by the arduino uno

It was originally going to be a holiday project but when my science teacher gave us a holiday assignment that had rather open criteria, the bot for fun got given 4 weeks to be finished, so now with a bit over 2 weeks left I almost have the entire bot assembeled.

The chasses dimensions are 15cm wide X 15cm long X 5cm high

At the moment all i have is the unfinished chasse asembled (I still need to add holes for the wheels and skrew down the motor), and the code that i believe is finished, it may need some editing once i hook up the senors and test the whole thing out.

also with the code im using PWM to control the motors because I have an NPN transistor between the motors and the batterys and i dont want to burn out the motors.

The fritz i have here is quite rough and it will be alot more compact when i put it onto the vero board.