A multi-purpose arduino device for adding bling to junk models, tinkering and toy making.

This device is the SweetMaker FizzyMint. Becasue it's programmable you can use it make anything, such as

  • A Space Lazer
  • An Awesome Nerf Gun Target 
  • A Reaction Game
  • A StarDestroyer
  • A Cat Toy
  • A Countdown Timer 

The circuit itself is really easy to make, everything solders directly onto the Arduino Nano. Use LED's pre-wired with resistors and trailing wires. Use a simple bare two connector piezo element with no external components. Use a microswitch or similar. It is intentional that no resistors are used with the piezo or micro-switch. Internal pullup resistors in the Arduino are used instead. Once consructed wrap your FizzyMint and cables with rubber bands for protection. Also use a milk bottle top to protect the piezo element wires. (Take a look at the pictures).


FizzyMint is intended to be used with the SweetMaker Arduino Library. This includes example sketches to get you started doing some cool stuff. The SweetMaker Library is available on Arduino Create or from the SweetMaker Web Site