The clock uses an RTC module for the time, a DFPlayer to play the mp3 files and an LCD to display the time and instructions.   Buttons functions are: Hours +, Minutes +, Choice of bell, Choice between bell and voice, Say the time on request.   There is a link to my web page, but it's in French...

Components required:

Arduino nano

Power supply 220V 5V or external power


1 micro SD card

RTC Module

1 LCD 2X16

Resistors 6 x 1 KOhm


The project is pretty straight forward just a lot of wires !

I gathered the resistors on a prototype board, as well as the nano, RTC and DFPlayer on another prototype board.


The housing is a broken Alarm Clock.


Just put the mp3 files on the SD card, follow the files naming. The list of required files in given here. Please note that in my example, I use three different bell tones. You may put your own or have even more, but you'll have to modify the sketch.