Model Railroad Turnout Controller with Arduino: 6x Turnout (Switch) driver for servos based on Arduino Micro R3 to TTL-level digital input bits (6) to set position, with Acknowledge (6) digital TTL output back to Rocrail or other control SW.

The board drives 1 to 6 servos for Model Railroad turnout (switch) control or for any other accessories, see fritzing and arduino sketch. The board accepts a static TTL logic level input for each servo. Input level '0' = straight, '1' = curved. It issues a static TTL logic level acknowledge output signal for each servo, as soon as the requested position is reached. I am using it connected to GCA GC2 I/O-board, see external links. Servo Lever control: Position, travel (throw) and direction can be controlled for each servo independently, by specifying the respective puls lengths in micro seconds. Use a servo test tool to define the desired position and throw of the lever and the corresponding micro second values. The speed can be controlled for all servos together. All these parameters are set via the Arduino Sketch, as available in the code section.

Use the fritzing file "TCA 140827 v2.1 r3 gold.fzz" for the PCB production.


- Some PCB holes for the connectors are too small in diameter and some components are a bit to narrow spaced. You may want to re-visit the sketch and adjust the hole diameters

- The arduino sketch does not yet allow 'on-the-fly' reconfiguration. Configuration values need to be put into the source before compiling and downloading

I will corret the PCB hole diameters and extend the arduino sketch in an upcomping version