2 servo's control pan and tilt functions via commands received from the arduino running teleduino ethernet client proxy sketch

Shopping List

Amount Part Type

1 Breadboard Power Supply Board SMD input voltage 6-12V; output voltage 3.3V or 5V; connector 0.1 Header

2 1k Ω Resistor package THT; tolerance ±5%; bands 4; resistance 1kΩ; pin spacing 400 mil

1 Rectifier Diode package 300 mil [THT]; type Rectifier; part # 1N4001

1 NPN-Transistor package TO92 [THT]; type NPN; part # 2N3904

1 Screw terminal - 2 pins package THT; hole size 1.0mm,0.508mm; pins 2; pin spacing 0.137in (3.5mm)

1 Relay package THT; contact rating 125VAC / 30VDC @ 1 AMP; voltage 5V; switching circuit SPDT; part # TTI TRB-5VDC-SB3-CD

1 Red LED - 5mm package 5 mm [THT]; leg yes; color Red (633nm)

2 Basic Servo

1 Arduino Ethernet Shield type Ethernet

1 Arduino processor ATmega; variant Arduino UNO R3

1 Blue LED - 5mm package 5 mm [THT]; leg yes; color Blue (430nm)

1 Prototype Shield V.5

1 Breadboard Wire Kit