Record up to 16 different sensors, repeatively, on an SD card, on a file with CSV format, The format makes the file usable in a spreadsheet program.

Detailed instructions given in French in the joined file.

The item is able to:

  • have several sensors: 1 to 16+ plugged all together

  • Auto-config of number of sensors

  • Digital sensors DS18B20, from -40°C up to +125°C

  • LED is flashing at each measurement

  • Live recording of measurements on the micro SD card

  • CSV File format (to be used in spreadsheet programs)

  • A new file at each power up (does not destroy previous files)

  • File name customisable in config file on SD card

  • Recording sequence length customisablein config file on SD card

  • mesurements step adjustable in config file on SD card

  • Automatic creation of config file when does not exist

  • Power up switch makes measurements starting immediately

  • Autonomous, on rechargeable battries, and easily transportable