'Appliance Repairs PTY. Ltd. Repairs all types of household appliance like dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerator, dryers, range hoods, ovens etc. and give you a 12 months warranty on all their services, as they are experts and know what they give.

Before throwing away your old appliance just give 'Appliance Repairs', a chance to repair them. The company is trustworthy, and gives you the highest standard of maintenance and services. The service is very prompt. So, 24 hours service brings a solution to your problem immediately. The spare parts are purchased from the best company dealers. Not only repair, the company does maintenance services for any type of appliance too. This company is working successfully for decades and had made a enviable recognition in the market of Appliance repair. Your household appliances are part and parcel of life, without which life will stop. The trained professional staffs will reach you within an hour with a van full of equipment, spare parts, to repair your problematic appliance. 


Specialist in Melbourne


The company also are specialised in repairing and maintaining Air Conditioner, Hot Water stove, Vacuum Cleaner, Cook top, and Garbage Disposal etc. So, this company promise you to be together with your old appliances for a longer time. 'Appliance Repair' operates from Melbourne. They work on products like dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, dryers and ovens. They know the exact problem area of your appliance and treat it accordingly. All kind of repairs and fixes of different machines and models are done by expert hands. Due to the hard work and dedications, our members are confident enough to handle appliances of all renowned companies with efficiency and perfection. Nowadays while goods have become expensive, so to replace the old with a new will cost you a large amount to pay. They are certified company. They give you 24x7 services from Monday to Friday. They are licence holder and 'Appliance Repairs, is also insured. Appliance Repairs Pty Ltd, repairs appliances of all renowned companies. This company is in Melbourne, for decades. They have expert techniques, number 1 spare parts, gives same day service and 12 months warranty. Find us on hot frog   


Diagnosis and Spot Repair


The team reaches, to diagnose the problem and quote. Servicing of the kitchen and laundry appliances are also done. One call by the clients and a team of equipped technicians arrives at your doorstep. The qualified men are well acquainted with the latest models and makes, and have all the necessary latest parts to repair them. Most of the appliances are repaired on the spot. Get in touch with Appliance Repairs online, or give a call. They will be with you at the crisis period. 'Appliance Repair' is the dedicated, specialist with a professional, tech savvy team at your service.


Effiecient Team and Payment Mode


There are no minimum charges on labour, quotes or call out fees. You can also contact them for any queries or additional information. When your appliances do not work as it should, don't panic. Just give a call to Appliance Repairs Balwyn. If you are in crisis with your appliance, they will be at your service, anywhere, at no time, to solve all your problems and anxiety. The staffs are well trained, experienced and knowledgeable about every new model which is coming in the market. We have sufficient members to attend many repairs at a time. The payment can be done through different modes like -cash, cheque, EFTPOS, MasterCard. Booking an appointment will be as per your choice.