A simple breakout board for TLC5940 with Atmaga328 circuit for microcontroller on same board.

  • Board can be cut in three circuits
  • Stackable with mounting holes, and holes for header to communicate Serial between stacked boards. (That would be in the area of the board with the jumpers. DO NOT put jumper connecting SIN and SOUT.)
  • Optional Voltage regulator
  • Optional slide switch
  • Optional barrel jack or 2 pin header for connecting external power source.
  • Optional AtMega328 circuit can take either ceramic resonator, or Crystal with 2 22pf capacitors
  • Extra holes near XLAT and SLCK pins of TLC5940 can be used to place IREF resistors in series in case you dont have resistor of exact value needed.
  • Arduino pin labels on Atmega328

The Atmega328 is not connected to the TLC5940s because you will have to choose which pins you want to use. Just use jumpers to connect the pins you want to use.