This project is about the use of traffic lights and pedestrian lights for people walking from street to street safely.

The purpose of this project is to help people get through streets by using traffic lights and pedestrians lights to tell them when to stop, slow down, and go. In addition, it is also a way to prevent cars, motorcycles, bikes, and etc. to keep on moving while people are walking from the corner of the sidewalk. In order to build this project, an Arduino Uno, three regular LEDs (Green, yellow, and white), one RGB LED (Red), five 220 ohms resistors, one PIR motion sensor, one piezo, and about 15 wires are needed to build it. First, place the green and yellow LEDs next to each other with space separating them. Then, add in wires and resistors that correspond to the LEDs' legs. Afterwards, add in the RGB LED and put a resistor on the one end of the short leg near the long leg. Also, put a wire behind the resistor while also adding in a wire next to the resistor and align it to where the long leg of the RGB LED is. Thirdly, add in the piezo along with a resistor and wire aligning towards its leg. Lastly, add ing the PIR motion sensor and connect wires to the positive and negative ends of the breadboard.