This is part of my Hackaday project for my 3D printable Raman Spectrometer, this is the turret that the diffraction grating sits on (3 of them,) and the stepper motor is controlled by the Mega2560.

*UPDATE* 5/22/2017

I fixed the 2 switches, as they were operating in reverse and debounced them also, now they are working properly.


The new updated file is tagged with "MAY22.fzz"


This phase of my project is still in prototype but I wanted to post up my results anyway because it's working and the code is working also.


So build instructions are still what is on the breadboard and on hackaday.


*The LM350 voltage regulator has improved ripple rejection, I am also providing another schematic I did on Design Spark for the voltage regulator that shows D1* discharges C1 if output shorted to ground (C1=10uf)


Adjust the trimmer POT of the voltage regulator until it shows about 5vdc with the stepper motor running, @ 0.75 n/min you should be pulling about 0.24mA.


This way I found the motor runs cooler if you heat sink the LM350 properly. I used a rather larger aluminum heat sink, it was the what I had on hand but a smaller one will do also, maybe around 30 x 30mm.


*I've also included a picture of the CCD circuit driver for the TCD1304DG (chip) the is used as the detector for my spectrometer project at Hackaday.