Given the widespread epidemic of Covid-19 (Corona virus) in the recent period, I thought about doing this low-cost project in order to help prevent this virus from spreading and help many people. a touch-less hand sanitizer and water dispenser. By: Noureldin Saad Eldehy

this project is divided into 2 parts :

  •  water dispenser

In this part, I used those parts: Ultrasonic sensor, water pump, 5V relay module

(i attached photos to those components)

the idea is when the cup gets closer from the ultrasonic (5 CM) the relay powered the water pump then the waterfalls in the cup.

  • hand sanitizer dispenser 


Here I used: a sound sensor, a servo motor.

you have to adjust the variable resistor in the sound sensor to be accurate enough.

when the Arduino receives the signal from the sound sensor it rotates the servo enough to push the head of the spray bottle.