My first attempt, not fully tested and quite terrible looking LoL.

This is a Arduino UNO R3 connected with a LCD, DS1307, BMP085, RHT03.

I don't really know anything and just tried taking my partial attempt on bread bored and see what this program would do. Perhaps someone will tell me how to fix it LoL.

By the way.. not sure if I uploaded the correct files, didn't see anything explain how or what everything is.

EDIT 3/13/2012: I have added my code as is, currently LCD might be wired wrong in diagram as I have since rewired my test but should be close. And I have a issue when BMP085 enabled my LCD does not work.

EDIT 3/21/2012: Updated fzz and header image. Thank you Buda2832 for pointing out some mistakes. Please note, code and pin out for LCD are not correct, I think this version is backwards. I need to get them in sync and test again.