In this DIY session we are building a web controlled surveillance robotic car using raspberry pi and a webcam. This could be a useful and inexpensive security and spy tool, which have many configurable options and can be built in few hours. In this IoT Project, we are mainly using Raspberry Pi, USB web camera and two DC motor with Robot chassis to build this Robotic car.  

It has a web camera mounted over it, through which we will get live video feed and the interesting part here is that we can control and move this robot from a web browser over the internet. As it can be controlled using webpage, means it can also be controlled using webpage in Mobile. We built a webpage in HTML which has Left, Right, Forward, Backward links, clicking on which we can move the robot in any direction. Here we used “Motion” for getting live Video feed from USB camera and used “Flask” for sending commands from webpage to Raspberry Pi using python to move the Robot, which are explained in detail in subsequent part of this tutorial. We have Raspbian Jessie OS installed on our Raspberry Pi board. 

You can check the working of this IoT robot working here on youtube.

For the detailed instructions on how to build this raspberry pi based robot, check this DIY project on