Using an adafruit featherwing huzzah esp8266 and a cheap fs1000a reciever

I made this project because my 433mhz doorbell chime could not be placed where it could be heard upstairs in my home. Im no expert so I used some examples and guides which have been added to the external links. Please note that this project only works well when the huzzah is being powered via usb otherwise the range is very small if you were to connect vcc to 3v.


You will need the following parts:

433mhz Receiver

Adafruit Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266 WiFi


First thing is to setup up the huzzah in for the arduino ide(check links). Also you need the rc-switch library installed.


Now you will need to solder some wires to the vcc,data(pin next to vcc), and ground of the reciever. Connect vcc to the usb pin of the huzzah. The data to the #2 pin of the huzzah.Finally the ground to ground of the huzzah.


Know you can hook up the huzzah to your pc. Edit the arduino sketch as needed.


Upload it and have done the needful.