LED WS2811/WS21812 et al. controller board using a ESP8266 (WEMOS) D1mini  board. Incorporates the Logic Level Convertor under the processor board

Purpose: to make a reliable simple controller board for Neopixel type LED lights.  

The sketch for this is a network controlled LED controller.  Sketch contains a webpage for light pallette and pattern control.

The board incorporates logic level shifter so that the output signal is suitable for all 5V logic LED systems.  

To make you will need Wemos D1 mini, sparkfun logic shifter, a 220uF cap (or similar) and some plugs to taste.

All fits in a 60mm x 36mm box


NOTE: if using with a 12V light set you will need to drop voltage before it gets to this box.  I use an inline voltage reg.