Make your LilyPad to a Jingle Bells melody module. Hanging it on a christmas tree to get the musik.

All you need is a capacitor of about 1-10 uF, a speaker, a Lyly-Pad, a battery and

the X-Mas-Melody scetch to upload.

Simply connect it like shown on Fritzing scetch and enjoy the melodies.

It's given to you as it is.
No guarantee or warranty!

Plays a set of famous melodies:
Jingle Bells
Oh Tannenbaum
Wedding March
YankyDoodle (Sound from Arduinoscetch)
Fanfare of the kingdom
la Cucaracha
Happy Birthday
All my Ducks (Alle meine Entchen)

100 Ohm resistor or a capacitor from 1 µF in series of a 8-ohm speaker to digital pin 9
or 6. push button to GND on pin 2 for starting the melody.
Optional a cable or push button from pin 4 to GND for selecting the melody on reset event.
Thats it!


Merry X-Mas !!!


Michael J.