IR receiver on Z-Uno allows to send Z-Wave commands on IR command. Reuse your TV remote control in Z-Wave home automation! 

In most cases receiver have a built-in demodulator. If you have one of them, please check that your receiver frequency and fraquency of your IR-controller matches. The most popular is 38 KHz used by SAMSUNG/NEC/LG/... SONY uses 40KHz, but in most cases its commands can be detected on 38KHz too. 

There are two ways to define IR commands: by raw (mark & space) sequence or by pre-defined commands and protocol (vendor command). 

To get raw sequence use IRScanner.ino sketch from examples as IR-sniffer.

  • Z-Uno board
  • Breadboard
  • TSOP312xx, TSOP314xx, TSOP382xx, TSOP384xx or similiar. xx depends on your remote operating frequency (check the datasheet. Like this or this.
  • 3 wires