Zynthian is the Open Synth Platform, based in Raspberry Pi and Open Source Software.

Zynthian Project is an Open Platform for Sound Synthesis based in Raspberry Pi, ZynAddSubFX and other OSS synthesizers.

Zynthian is a multi-engine platform, that integrates multiple synthesizer engines under a simple and unified User Interface: 4 rotary controls with switch and a touch screen

The goal is building a little, robust, ergonomic and very flexible machine that can be used as a complement, adding what your keyboard doesn't have, and avoiding the neccesity of a laptop or other modules. A kind of swiss knife of synthesis modules.


  • RaspBerry Pi 2 /¬†RaspBerry Pi 3
  • HifiBerry DAC+
  • AdaFruit TFT 2.8 inch (or compatible)
  • 4 Rotary encoders with Switches
  • MIDI IN connector (using RBPi UART)
  • Headphones Amplifier
  • Solid Steel Case


  • ZynAddSubFX (advanced synthesizer)
  • FluidSynth (wavetable synthesizer)
  • setBFree (hammond+leslie emulator)
  • Linux Sampler (wavetable synthesizer)
  • Carla Plugin Host
  • Dexed (DX7 emulator)
  • etc.