Release version 0.3.2b


Downloaded 2715 times.

  • Exporting and importing part bins (for easier exchange)
  • Simple ground fill for PCBs (to make production less wasteful)
  • New part: Ruler (for simple measuring)
  • New examples: Op-Amp, Touch Switch (and lots of cleanup on the others)
  • Visual improvements to schematic view
  • Add a part to a bin directly from the sketch
  • Change wire color through context menu
  • Linux launch script compatible with all shells (thanks to ktq for the hint)
  • Many bug fixes, e.g.: svg exports, autorouter, parts editor (thanks to Shigeru for finding some of them)
  • Known issues: On PC only, there was a wire drawing bug in schematic view , and the early downloaders of this release got a copy of Fritzing with this bug. So we've swapped in a new copy of Fritzing in this release. The old, buggy copy is 0.3.2, but the copy we've swapped in is 0.3.3 (though it's still part of the 0.3.2 release). Got it?