Release version 0.4.2b


Downloaded 16396 times.

  • Linux: now building with Qt 4.6.3 under ubuntu 8.04.4; unlike Fritzing 0.4.1, this download should be compatible with ubuntu releases 8.04.4 and up
  • very experimental (use at your own risk) "speed hack" added to trace menu: speeds up Fritzing when there are a lot (~50 or more) of interconnected parts in a sketch
  • experimental ratsnest wire functionality: double click to create a trace; drag to create a trace with a bendpoint; delete to delete corresponding wires in other views
  • jumper items: rotate and align to grid
  • on double-sided boards, right-clicking a trace gives an option to move the trace from one side of the board to the other
  • bug fixes: a crash bug that occured sometimes on one-sided boards when hand- or auto- routing, and the linux32 70% crash
  • new parts: lilypad, arduino pro mini (thanks Lionel)

Known issues: