Release version 0.6.0b


Downloaded 937 times.

New Features

  • Full support of SMD parts (now you can use those really tiny parts)
  • A new set of SMD parts and generics (drop in a part, then "swap" it for an SMD version; with thanks to Daniel Tzschentke)
  • A bin of SparkFun parts (find them in File > Parts Bin > Open > SparkFun; with thanks to SparkFun and Lionel Michel)
  • Perfboard and stripboard--yes you can "cut" it (breadboard alternatives, by popular demand)
  • A new layout for the core parts bin

Improvements & Small Additions

  • Resistors now with tolerance band (for super-precise designs)
  • Simplified design of the part inspector (easier on the eyes)
  • Graphics and text on PCB copper layers (for more flexibility in etching)
  • Improved bill of materials (for a better shopping experience)
  • Document description frame for schematics (for that proper engineering look)
  • OHANDA, OSHW logos (for marking your open-source hardware pcb)
  • PCB is now double-sided by default (can be changed in the inspector)
  • Gerber output fixes (it's right-side up now)
  • Autorouter now also uses Vias
  • Linux built on 10.04.2 LTS

..and many bug fixes and more small improvements.

Known issues: Fritzing is running slow, particularly on the Mac. The good news is that Fritzing speeds way up when we run it using the "preview" version of the next release of Qt (the GUI framework underlying Fritzing). So when Qt 4.8 goes final, we will build a new release of Fritzing. If there's enough demand, maybe we'll do the build when Qt 4.8 goes beta.