Release version 0.7.0b


Downloaded 65596 times.

  • we have gone beta
  • breadboard view now has ratsnest lines: no more wire mess in breadboard view when you work in other views
  • ratsnest and wire colors are now standardized across the 3 views
  • Fritzing always "saves as shareable": the .fzz file format is now standard; .fz files are read-only
  • new "temp" bin holds custom parts that are loaded with sketches--no more annoying messages about saving the 'my parts' bin
  • the contents of the Inspector no longer update as you hover the mouse. Shift-hover works like the old hover.
  • new resize handles on rectangular boards and logo items, and free-rotation for logo items (use the alt key)
  • a new Czech translation (thanks Josef)
  • a new Korean translation (thanks Jinbuhm)
  • ground fill now attaches directly to grounded connectors
  • new parts: Adafruit Atmega 32u, variable caps (thanks Stefan); Sparkfun 6DOF, OpenLog (thanks Andre); D31A Relay (thanks Frank)
  • bug fixes
    • ubuntu linux: made it easier to launch from the script rather than the executable (the latter is responsible for a number of problems).
    • mac: fixed a handful of crash bugs.

Known issues: