Release version 0.7.1b


Downloaded 31487 times.

  • new parts:
    • pad part: a pcb-only resizable rectangular SMD connector
    • arduino: wireless sd shield, prototyping shield, xbee libellium shield
    • pololu vnh2sp30 motor driver (thanks davidjthomasson)
    • atmega 168 updated; 328 added; 168 SMD added (thanks daniel.kuku)
    • humidity sensor (thanks martumv)
    • 2-pin 2.54mm crystal (thanks jksoft)
    • ATtiny 85 (thanks mattiafrancescomoro)
    • STM32F103 (thanks perikov)
    • Edgy Analog In
  • copper fill:
    • new ground fill seeds feature: you can specify which connectors are used as "ground"
    • a couple of leaking ground fill bugs fixed
    • 2mm no-fill border at board edges
  • export:
    • for production: any silkscreen that would print over copper connectors is now masked out
    • svg export layering order bug fix
    • for production: mask files output for pdf and svg export
  • ratsnest delete logic improved
  • new 7-segment display example
  • Czech translation update (thanks Josef)
  • a handful or two of miscellaneous bug fixes

Known issues: