Release version 0.7.3b


Downloaded 5856 times.

  • show grid!
  • vias and holes are easier to select and drag (2-pixel border around the connector)
  • updated Chinese (Simplified) translation (thanks Yuelin and Ninjia)
  • bug fixes:
    • export etchable svg/pdf copper layering error
    • fit-to-window is working again
    • dragging a breadboard full of parts under certain circomstances would result in messed up connections (thanks to Rainer for a good test case)
    • custom parts are saved with a sketch only when they are actually being used in the sketch
    • fixed bendable-leg click-to-disconnect bug
    • more warnings that Fritzing can't handle multiple pcbs for certain operations, and fixed a crash involving same
    • incorrect BOM aggregation
  • new parts:
    • Digital Panel Meter, RFM 12B transceiver, Aries 28W ZIF (thanks redbyer, ghalfacree)
    • Color Sensor breakout, SHT-15 humidity sensor (thanks wreutz)
    • M5450 LED Driver (thanks Christopher)

Known issues: There is a bug with resistors in 0.7.3, either changing the resistance value or switching to SMD. Best wait for 0.7.4 to come out.