Release version 0.7.6b


Downloaded 11325 times.

  • deleting a part no longer automatically deletes its connected wires
  • faster loading time (especially if you open two or more windows)
  • info view indicates whether a part is obsolete
  • export etchable now exports both mirrored and non-mirrored at once
  • paste-mask layer for SMDs added to export for production
  • new Slovak translation (thanks Ĺubomír)
  • convert via to bendpoint
  • default breadboard now matches the one in the starter kit
  • binaries built with Qt 4.8.2
  • revert function
  • new parts:
    • new pinheaders: long pad, molex, "alternating" footprint; new pin spacings
    • new stereo jack (thanks Max)
    • new rj45
  • bug fixes:
    • temp parts could disappear when multiple sketches were open with the same temp part (thanks to Jerome and Joerg for help tracking this down)
    • no longer possible to draw wires that connect back to themselves or that connect redundantly (thanks to Jerome for help tracking this down)
    • breadboard view routing-status
    • jpg export quality set to high
    • progress bar for parts bin search
    • copper blocker width- and height- text entry
    • mirrored etchable export was broken
    • default breadboard now matches the one shipped with the kits
    • drc was incorrectly flagging hole parts
    • nasty autorouter bug with split traces
    • dragging from temp to another sketch would fail when reopening the other sketch
    • rubber-banding bug when dragging a bendpoint with multiple wires
    • individual ground fill crash bug
    • one more attempt to fix the mac prefs-dialog crash
    • missing contour in export etchable

Known issues: