Release version 1.0.1


This is a maintenance release.
  • Fixed a problem when creating a wire in schematic view (issue #4058)
  • Fixed a regression when entering coordinates (issue #4051)
  • Fixed several bugs that made the IPC export unusable (issue #4050)
  • Fixed broken mouse cursors when non-integer zoom settings are used on Windows (issue #4037)
  • Fixed an issue where undo actions did not remember wire traces width in some cases (issue #4036)
  • Fixed a bug that kept unused duplicate entries in Fritzing files (issue #4023)
  • Added a Warning when user try to order a PCB that has no copper fill
  • Fixed the "Copy and Paste in Place" command
  • Updated some translations
  • Improved support for SVGs with dashed lines, especially in the silk layer of PCB designs
  • Added a new shield example for the Arduino R4 WIFI board

In most manufacturing processes, copper must be etched or otherwise removed. This uses acid and causes waste. To mitigate this, Fritzing will now advise users to incorporate copper fills in their designs before a PCB sent to the Fab.

Known issues:

The simulator does not work on old macOS Versions, namely Catalina and Big Sur