Release version 1.0.3


Changelog for Version 1.0.3

New Features and Enhancements
  • Finished implementation of subparts and fixed several related bugs.
  • Don't consider obsolete parts for swapping - Improved parts swapping logic to exclude obsolete components. (#4131)
  • Automatic terminal points (schematic) - Enhanced schematic view with automatic terminal points for easier design workflow. (#4130)
  • Find parts in sketch should prioritize exact matches, selections should keep internal order - Enhanced parts search functionality for better accuracy and usability. (#4117)
  • Detect routing database corruption - Added feature to detect and handle routing database corruption. (#3904)
  • New creator kit examples need language selection - Added language selection for new creator kit examples. (#2786)
Bug Fixes
  • File Save Operation Should Be Atomic to Prevent Data Loss and Corruption - Resolved critical issue ensuring atomic file save operations to prevent data loss and corruption. (#4148)
  • Custom part with family "Generic IC" doesn't flip correctly in schematic view - Fixed the issue where generic IC parts didn't flip correctly in the schematic view. (#4127)
  • Unable to place components in list mode - Resolved the bug preventing component placement in list mode. (#4123)
  • Fit to screen does not account for part labels - Fixed the issue where the fit-to-screen function did not consider part labels. (#4119)
  • Crash during simulation, from name collision - Resolved simulation crashes caused by name collisions. (#4116)
  • Undo loses part subpart labels - Fixed issue where undo operations would lose subpart labels. (#4115)
  • Ground fill keepout ignores stroke-width from group - Corrected ground fill keepout behavior to respect group stroke-width settings. (#4114)
  • Tooltip colors are so similar - Improved tooltip color differentiation for better readability. (#4109)
  • Fixed issue where modifying part parameters would clear the ground seed. (#4099)
  • Improved readability of hover text in dark mode. (#4093)
  • Fixed issue where copper fill would ignore hidden layers. (#4081)
  • Resolved multiple issues with schematic subparts. (#4073)
  • Low code menu readability (#4045)
  • In schematic right clicking then moving a label causes a jump in position - Fixed label position jump issue in schematic view. (#3895)
  • Half_breadboard.fzp is not created as a Breadboard object (#3873)
  • User IC (movable quad and dual opamp) parts lose ratsnest connections when moved to different board sides - Fixed issue with ratsnest connections being lost when moving user IC parts. (#3734)
  • Hole size and ring thickness cannot be set, decimal separator issue - Resolved high priority issue with setting hole size and ring thickness due to decimal separator problems. (#3080)
  • An alpha version for transitory simulation was added. This feature is not yet ready, but we included for those that already want to have a sneak peek at the current development. Start with the --debug option to activate it.
  • We thank our community for their invaluable feedback and contributions. Your support helps us improve with each release.

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