We love to give workshops on all things Fritzing, Arduino, and physical computing. Come to one of our regular workshops in Berlin or invite us to come to you!

Sorry, but there are no workshops planed the next time! We are up to change that in early spring.

If you're not in Berlin: Invite us!

Interested in having the Fritzing team give a workshop to your University, Organization or basement meetup?  Invite us to your next event! We've got several workshop flavors to suit your diy-electronics needs:

A: Introduction to Physical Computing with Arduino and Fritzing

In this workshop aimed at beginners, you'll learn physical computing basics with the Arduino microcontroller in the framework of Fritzing.  Digital/Analog inputs and outputs will be explored with breadboard experimentation. Next, we'll show you how to bring your physical breadboard circuit into Fritzing to produce both a clear a documentation of your circuit, and to produce a schematic and PCB layout.  

B: Fritzing PCB Production

The Fritzing PCB production workshop can either be run as an extension of the intro workshop, or as a production workshop for those who already know a bit about physcial computing.  In this workshop, particpants come with an idea for a circuit they'd like to produce as a PCB.  They will then build the circuit start to finish within Fritzing, producing a DIY single-sided PCB.

C: Teaching with Fritzing

This workshop is aimed at educators who would like to teach physical computing.  We'll teach you the basics of physical computing and teach you how to teach physical computing with Arduino and Fritzing.  Varied workflow approaches - building from the breadboard, schematic and PCB view - will be demonstrated.

Customized Workshops

We are open to creating a workshop for your specific interests and needs.  Let us know what you're interested in and we can build a workshop plan together.

Interested? Feel free to contact us! 

Worrying about travel costs? We have people in Berlin, Germany, and New York City, USA.

Also see the list of upcoming and past events and our photo gallery to get an impression.